I invest and advise early-stage companies. I’m category agnostic and want to invest in great founders that are solving interesting problems.

Types of companies I like: customer centric and product obsessive.

Types of team I like to work with: agile, listens and learns quickly.

Ways I help teams:

  • Strategy and operations: working closely with founders to determine resource allocation, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring teams are high on imagination and creativity as they build from 0 to 1, and then 1 to X.

  • Marketing and growth: identifying growth marketing plans and initiatives; ranging from media mix models, measurement & attribution, organic vs. paid, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, creative, messaging and more. Going beyond advertising and paid acquisition… working to build core foundations to drive steady growth.

  • Building teams: helping teams build a high performance culture; normally in creative, marketing, and operations. People, process, and tools is where energy is spent to ensure companies are hiring the right people at the right time and then providing them the right resources to scale the business.

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