Anti-Goal Setting and Fast Forward

With the new year approaching, many people will be setting a new year’s resolution and goals. I’ve found “anti-goal setting” to be an interesting part of that exercise.

Anti-goals are things you don’t want to do and things you plan to avoid.

Some examples:

  • “I will not consumer sugar this month.”
  • “I will not invest in speculative assets.”
  • “I will not indulge in gossip.”

Anti-goal setting provides clarity in your broader vision.

Image from Ken Wu.

The best investors and entrepreneurs know what to avoid which enables them to laser focus on things that matter most.

Which brings me to my next goal setting process: fast forward.

Back in 2014, I did a training at Facebook called “Facebook Fast Forward.” It was led by a group called “Fast Forward Group.” This was a two-day workshop and it was beyond helpful.

The framework I use starts from “high performance living.” I focus on how I can be successful in both business and in life.

I then write down my accomplishments of the following year (2022) as if they’ve already happened. Instead of saying I plan to do XYZ, I write “I did XYZ or achieved ABC.”

Throughout the exercise, I focus on the 8 power principles to achieve my desired outcomes.

If you’re interested in this exercise, check out this blog. You can download “The Bold Vision Exercise” here.

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